Cryptocurrency – Illicit Mining

Cryptocurrency has been a popular word which stormed the internet after a jump in values of different cryptocurrencies. A sudden jump in worth invited many people to consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Let's build on basics before jumping to the darker side of cryptocurrency mining activities. The below snapshot shows the trend of cryptocurrency keyword over Google... Continue Reading →

Locky Ransomware

I bet, all of you would have come across phishing email with MS-Word or MS-Excel as an attachment. The content of the document will be gibberish prompting you to enable the macros included in the attached document. This technique was used by Locky Ransomware to make a way to our computers. We will discuss the same in... Continue Reading →

Non violent Cyber attack- STUXNET

All of us are familiar with  "Satyagraha" - the non violent movement followed by Mahatma Gandhi in order to attain freedom for our country. Probably this became an inspiration for other countries. Can you believe if I said that we now live in a world where a piece of code can destroy machinery and stop/start a... Continue Reading →

Spiral Model in SDLC

In the Spiral model, the software product is developed in small modules. Let us consider the figure shown below in developing a software product X. X is built by integrating A, B, C and D.   Ra- requirements analysis of module A. Similarly with Rb, Rc, Rd. Da – design of module A. Similarly with... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Model in SDLC

It is a traditional model It is a sequential design process, often used in SDLC, in which the progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall), through the different phases as shown in the figure,   Requirements Collection:- - done by Business Analysts and Product Analysts - gathering requirements - translates business language... Continue Reading →


WannaCry was one of the deadliest ransomware attacks happened on the computer systems. If we look at Google Trends, we can see the same appearing in the worldwide trend result. It is time to take a deep dive to understand the subject. WannaCry can be defined as a ransomware class of worm malware. Let's break... Continue Reading →

Software Development Life Cycle

It is a process or procedure to develop a software or you can say it is a kind of methodology a developer is using to build a software. So as a software tester we also have to understand this process. Different procedures/models are available to develop a software namely:- Waterfall Model Spiral Model V-Model /... Continue Reading →

This is the second phase in Penetration Testing after reconnaissance phase. This is a pre-attack phase that helps in identifying hosts which are running with exploitable services and exposed critical data. The main idea is behind this phase is to determine vulnerabilities which can enable us with the access of the system. There are challenges... Continue Reading →


This is the very first step in the penetration testing process. This involves gathering information and intelligence which can be utilised in further steps of pen testing. The data collected are correlated and helps in setting up a better plan for attacking or evaluating assigned systems/applications. This can be carried out in two modes which... Continue Reading →

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