THM Series #4 Brooklyn Nine Nine

Back after a break with a room dedicated to one of my favorite shows Brooklyn Nine Nine. As per TryHackMe, the room is categorized as easy. The room can be accessed here. I too find it apt for the beginner category and very easy if we follow the guideline to test the basics before going... Continue Reading →

THM Series #3 Bounty Hacker

Another easy box from Try Hack Me. The CTF can be accessed here. Let's start the journey. The first step of the approach is to enumerate the open services on the asset. The nmap detected 3 ports to be open on the asset. Port 21, 22 and 80. Nmap Output I tried logging into the... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #3 Devel

I am back with another box Devel in Hack The Box series. This is going to be the #3 machine in my HTB series. The box is categorized as easy. Let's start with owning the box. Target IP: As usual the first step was to run a nmap scan against the target machine. As... Continue Reading →

THM Series #2 Avengers Blog

Another attempt to share walkthrough and this time it is Avengers Blog from Try Hack Me platform. THM describes this activity as "A beginner guide to SQL and Command Injection". Deploy the target machine Deploy Q1. On the deployed Avengers machine you recently deployed, get the flag1 cookie value. NMAP Result I performed a nmap... Continue Reading →

THM Series #1 Blue

It has been another long break but again back to writing which I like from the heart. In this post, I am going to take you through steps, which I performed to complete the task on Try Hack Me. The activity Blue has been described by THM as "this is an educational series for complete... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #2 Legacy

It is the second day and I am back with another write up describing my journey about finding the flags. Since Legacy falls under the list of an easy machine, hence it didn't take much after finding the correct exploit. Let's jump ahead to the steps, I carried out to own the flags. Target Machine:... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #1 LAME

It has been quite a long time that I took out time and tried hands-on the vulnerable machines. I considered HTB to be the better place to resume my learning curve and here is the LAME machine and my write up about how I was able to find the flag. I am aware that there... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Garden Walkthrough

Pumpkin Garden is the first level of Mission-pumpkin v1.0 which can be found here. As mentioned by the author Mission-Pumpkin v1.0 is a beginner level CTF series, created by keeping beginners in mind. This CTF series is for people who have basic knowledge of hacking tools and techniques but struggling to apply known tools. I believe... Continue Reading →

Credential Harvesting

Credential harvesting is one of the techniques used by attackers to gain credentials of users. The user will be presented an impersonated site with a form accepting user inputs [email address, username, password, SSN, credit card number, CVV, etc.]. Because of unawareness, the user fails to validate the authenticity of the web page presented to... Continue Reading →

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