Secure Access Service Edge – SASE

Data center as the center of the universe” network and network security architecture is obsolete and has become an inhibitor to the needs of digital business.

HTB Series #2 Legacy

It is the second day and I am back with another write up describing my journey about finding the flags. Since Legacy falls under the list of an easy machine, hence it didn't take much after finding the correct exploit. Let's jump ahead to the steps, I carried out to own the flags. Target Machine:... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #1 LAME

It has been quite a long time that I took out time and tried hands-on the vulnerable machines. I considered HTB to be the better place to resume my learning curve and here is the LAME machine and my write up about how I was able to find the flag. I am aware that there... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Garden Walkthrough

Pumpkin Garden is the first level of Mission-pumpkin v1.0 which can be found here. As mentioned by the author Mission-Pumpkin v1.0 is a beginner level CTF series, created by keeping beginners in mind. This CTF series is for people who have basic knowledge of hacking tools and techniques but struggling to apply known tools. I believe... Continue Reading →

Credential Harvesting

Credential harvesting is one of the techniques used by attackers to gain credentials of users. The user will be presented an impersonated site with a form accepting user inputs [email address, username, password, SSN, credit card number, CVV, etc.]. Because of unawareness, the user fails to validate the authenticity of the web page presented to... Continue Reading →

Malware Analysis – Introduction

Malware is becoming a hot topic considering recent cyber attacks. If we want to define Malware, we can simply say any software which is having malicious intent.Mal(icious) + (Soft)ware = Malware As mentioned above, we can think what kind of malicious intent a person can have. Considering Information Security, we focus on triad which describes... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency – Illicit Mining

Cryptocurrency has been a popular word which stormed the internet after a jump in values of different cryptocurrencies. A sudden jump in worth invited many people to consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Let's build on basics before jumping to the darker side of cryptocurrency mining activities. The below snapshot shows the trend of cryptocurrency keyword over Google... Continue Reading →

Locky Ransomware

I bet, all of you would have come across phishing email with MS-Word or MS-Excel as an attachment. The content of the document will be gibberish prompting you to enable the macros included in the attached document. This technique was used by Locky Ransomware to make a way to our computers. We will discuss the same in... Continue Reading →

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