Malware Analysis

People develop malware for a variety of reasons, and their motivations can range from malicious intent to more benign or even ethical reasons. #malwareanalysis #informationsecurity#reverseengineering

Vulnerability Management – Reporting

The Vulnerability Reporting is crucial in conveying information and insights in today's fast-paced world. It communicates between organizational stakeholders, providing a comprehensive overview of various activities and performance metrics. Let's talk about them.

Vulnerability Management – Scanning

This is second post in the Vulnerability Management, a practical approach series. Buckle up and let's tackle one parameter at a time, appreciating the sheer importance of each in our quest for a foolproof strategy.

Vulnerability Management – Identification

Identifying assets for scanning is the very first and most important step. The program's success depends on how well the organisation has inventoried its assets.We will discuss the must-to-have fields and some good-to-have fields for a CMDB tool.

Vulnerability Management

So, whether you're a beginner seeking a comprehensive understanding of Vulnerability Management or an experienced professional looking to enhance your existing program, I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, we will navigate the intricate world of Vulnerability Management, acquiring the tools and knowledge needed to create a robust and resilient program. Post #1 of this series. #vulnerabilityManagement #vm #vulnerabilityassessment

HTB Series #4 Netmon

This is the 4th machine in Hack the Box[HTB] series. This machine has retired from the Active machines' list and falls in the category of Easy machines. The aim of this box is going to be the same as other HTB machines i.e. find user and root[system] flag. The target IP is and the... Continue Reading →

THM Series #6 Ignite

Another room from TryHackMe focusing on exploiting an RCE and Default configuration. The room is rated as Easy on the platform. The room can be accessed here. As per the room description, we have a newly deployed Web Server and there seems to be issues with the web server configuration. We are supposed to find... Continue Reading →

THM Series #5 Kenobi

To maintain the streak of continuous presence on TryHackMe, I tried my hands on another easy level machine. I am trying to cover easy machines and have the write up updated before scaling to medium difficulty. I selected Kenobi which is described as this room will cover accessing a Samba share, manipulating a vulnerable version... Continue Reading →

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