Spiral Model in SDLC

In the Spiral model, the software product is developed in small modules. Let us consider the figure shown below in developing a software product X. X is built by integrating A, B, C and D.   Ra- requirements analysis of module A. Similarly with Rb, Rc, Rd. Da – design of module A. Similarly with... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Model in SDLC

It is a traditional model It is a sequential design process, often used in SDLC, in which the progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall), through the different phases as shown in the figure,   Requirements Collection:- - done by Business Analysts and Product Analysts - gathering requirements - translates business language... Continue Reading →

Software Development Life Cycle

It is a process or procedure to develop a software or you can say it is a kind of methodology a developer is using to build a software. So as a software tester we also have to understand this process. Different procedures/models are available to develop a software namely:- Waterfall Model Spiral Model V-Model /... Continue Reading →

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