THM Series #1 Blue

It has been another long break but again back to writing which I like from the heart. In this post, I am going to take you through steps, which I performed to complete the task on Try Hack Me. The activity Blue has been described by THM as "this is an educational series for complete... Continue Reading →

This is the second phase in Penetration Testing after reconnaissance phase. This is a pre-attack phase that helps in identifying hosts which are running with exploitable services and exposed critical data. The main idea is behind this phase is to determine vulnerabilities which can enable us with the access of the system. There are challenges... Continue Reading →


This is the very first step in the penetration testing process. This involves gathering information and intelligence which can be utilised in further steps of pen testing. The data collected are correlated and helps in setting up a better plan for attacking or evaluating assigned systems/applications. This can be carried out in two modes which... Continue Reading →

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing (PenTest) is one of the most crucial processes followed by almost all organizations to unearth any hidden vulnerabilities either present in the systems or applications. It involves breaking the system and reporting any issues found to concerned operation team to fix. This helps organizations to enhance their security posture and reduce the attack... Continue Reading →

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