Malware Analysis – Static Analysis – Part 1

As discussed in the previous post, the basic malware analysis method is Static Analysis. We would be talking about Static Analysis in deep and would be performing different steps on a live sample. Before we start analyzing the malware samples, it would be better than we understand what kind of information can be extracted during... Continue Reading →

Malware Analysis – Introduction

Malware is becoming a hot topic considering recent cyber attacks. If we want to define Malware, we can simply say any software which is having malicious intent.Mal(icious) + (Soft)ware = Malware As mentioned above, we can think what kind of malicious intent a person can have. Considering Information Security, we focus on triad which describes... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency – Illicit Mining

Cryptocurrency has been a popular word which stormed the internet after a jump in values of different cryptocurrencies. A sudden jump in worth invited many people to consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Let's build on basics before jumping to the darker side of cryptocurrency mining activities. The below snapshot shows the trend of cryptocurrency keyword over Google... Continue Reading →

Locky Ransomware

I bet, all of you would have come across phishing email with MS-Word or MS-Excel as an attachment. The content of the document will be gibberish prompting you to enable the macros included in the attached document. This technique was used by Locky Ransomware to make a way to our computers. We will discuss the same in... Continue Reading →

Non violent Cyber attack- STUXNET

All of us are familiar with  "Satyagraha" - the non violent movement followed by Mahatma Gandhi in order to attain freedom for our country. Probably this became an inspiration for other countries. Can you believe if I said that we now live in a world where a piece of code can destroy machinery and stop/start a... Continue Reading →


WannaCry was one of the deadliest ransomware attacks happened on the computer systems. If we look at Google Trends, we can see the same appearing in the worldwide trend result. It is time to take a deep dive to understand the subject. WannaCry can be defined as a ransomware class of worm malware. Let's break... Continue Reading →

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