HTB Series #4 Netmon

This is the 4th machine in Hack the Box[HTB] series. This machine has retired from the Active machines' list and falls in the category of Easy machines. The aim of this box is going to be the same as other HTB machines i.e. find user and root[system] flag. The target IP is and the... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #3 Devel

I am back with another box Devel in Hack The Box series. This is going to be the #3 machine in my HTB series. The box is categorized as easy. Let's start with owning the box. Target IP: As usual the first step was to run a nmap scan against the target machine. As... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #2 Legacy

It is the second day and I am back with another write up describing my journey about finding the flags. Since Legacy falls under the list of an easy machine, hence it didn't take much after finding the correct exploit. Let's jump ahead to the steps, I carried out to own the flags. Target Machine:... Continue Reading →

HTB Series #1 LAME

It has been quite a long time that I took out time and tried hands-on the vulnerable machines. I considered HTB to be the better place to resume my learning curve and here is the LAME machine and my write up about how I was able to find the flag. I am aware that there... Continue Reading →

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